I have been writing reviews for restaurants on zomato for quite a long time. (

Finally became a verified zomato connoisseur and started taking my passion more seriously and ventured into writing my own food and lifestyle blog ! (Will add content relating to Tech/Food Recipes/Health/Car Care/Travel Tips as and when time permits)

So for my older reviews visit my profile on zomato !
(Though I have copied some recent ones and put them here.)

My focus in the review of a places is always on the food it serves . No matter how good the ambiance or the packaging of the restaurant maybe if the food does not taste good it’s pointless !

My concern is always on the freshness of the dish and the flavour infused should speak for itself !

I am more inclined to restaurants where the authenticity of the dish is kept and is true to its origin .

Fusion food has its own charm but to make dishes completely just taking its target audience in mind does not do justice to the dish !

I always like restaurants which master specific cuisines rather than going to places which I call ” jack of all …. master of none !”

On the personal front I’m a Diamond Merchant by profession ,Trade in diamond solitaires and made to order Diamond Jewellery. Work from my office at BKC Mumbai .

I love food in any and every form, try my hands in cooking too ,mostly trying to replicate the food I eat at restaurants!

Love watching food videos specially Gordon Ramsay and mark weins(search on youtube),and our very own vinod dua ….love him for his insight about food !….A complete bollywood movie buff ! hooked on to tech news and videos!

Love driving and as well as traveling to discover new places to eat !

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