Cardboard is a bar and restaurant located at BKC, Mumbai.

Beautifully done up using actual cardboard for the decor, the restaurant was a warm inviting ambiance.

Cardboard serves modern global cuisine, what the chef calls new age cuisine. The restaurants menu is a interesting mix of eggs to order, soup, salads, appetizers, flatbread, mains and desserts.

So here is what I had –


Pumpkin soup made with chicken, coconut milk, maple syrup, raisins and indian spices.
Garnished with fried chickpea and garlic.
Really different, there were so many elements to the soup, I loved the hint of sweetness coming from the raisins and maple syrup, fried garlic added a new dimension.


Lettuce, orange and kiwi, walnuts, mustard seeds, curry leaves and chicken dressed in a orange jalapeno dressing, garnished with feta cheese.
This salad was really different, the southern twist of tempered mustard seeds and currry leaves worked beautifully !


Fried egg served on a bed of fried potatoes and zucchini. Topped with southern curry and garnished with chicken sausage.
The southern curry was so flavourful, it was made with roasted lentils, southern spices and maple syrup. It bought every thing together !


Classic chickpea hummus, garnished with fried chickpeas.

Hummus made with beans and garnished with tomato salsa.

Hummus made with black eyed pea and sweet potato, garnished with fried garlic.

Hummus made with aubergine and sun dried tomatoes, garnished with pomegranate and balsamic reduction.

All the hummus were served with homemade mini pita bread and southern crisps.
Each and every hummus had its own distant flavour, I personally enjoyed the one with sweet potato and fried garlic.


Rice puffs mixed with chicken, pineapple, onion, potatoes and coriander chutney.
Chefs take on a bhelpuri, sweet and tangy in its flavour !

Grilled chicken served on a bed of pea puree, garnished with grated coconut.
The chicken was soft and juicy, peapuree with its mild subtle flavour acted as the perfect accompaniment.

Prawns tossed in curry leaves infused olive oil with shallots, red chillies and garlic. Served with bread and lime wedges.
Absolutely delicious, the chilli garlic onion oil was full of flavour !!

Pan seared rawa prawns served on a bed of curry leaves chutney made with maple syrup and sesame seeds.
The prawns were really spicy, loved the unusual curry leaf chutney.


Butter chicken made with a twist of beetroot and bacardi. Served with oven naan.
Insanely delicious, one of the best butter chicken I have had in recent times !
The chicken was soaked in ginger and bacardi, The gravy was made with roasted tomatoes, whole spices and beetroot. Addition of cashews really added a lovely texture.

Chicken and mushrooms made in a coriander curry, served with rice and aubergine fritters.
The coriander curry was sweet and sour in its flavour, it was made with maple syrup and tamarind. Nice !


Cheesecake made with a crushed parle g base, layered with old monk infused cream cheese, garnished with ginger and pistachio and served on a base of tea reduction.
The dessert had a melody of flavours, the bitter tea reduction complimented the sweet creamy cheesecake.

Overall, i had a great time !
The food at cardboard extremely delicious, the chef has done a fantastic job in playing with contrasting flavours, something rare to find !

Highly Recommended 🙂

Go try indulge !