Latin Mess is a Latin America diner located at Bandra, Mumbai.The cute cosy diner serves staple delicacies from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colambia.It’s short and sweet menu is a mix of beverages, salads, arepas, empanadas and desserts.So here is what I had -SALADS :-YUCA EN ESCABECHE –
Pickled yuca salad made with bell peppers, onions, oregano, parsley and roasted peanuts, dressed in a honey olive oil dressing.ESQUITES –
Roasted corn salad made with jalapeno, black beans, baby corn, rocket leaves, avocado and cherry tomatoes, garnished with feta cheese and dressed in a lime olive oil vinaigrette dressing.Both the salads were good, they act as a nice wholesome meal, I really loved the addition of feta cheese and avocados to the corn salad as it gave a nice richness to it.EMPANADAS :-CHINO LATINO –
Fried pastry puffs stuffed with mushrooms, jalapenos and tomato sauce.POLLO –
Fried pastry puff stuffed with minced chicken, chilli paste and garlic.The puff pastry crust was crispy and flaky. I liked the chino latino empanadas even more as the spicy tomato sauce was outstanding !AREPAS –POLLO MINADO –
Cornmeal bun burgers layered with minced chicken patty, pickled onions, tinga sauce and crema.
The corn buns were unique and gluten free.
The chicken in the minced chicken patty was almost like a fine paste, I feel it lacked the juiciness, the tinga hot sauce on the other end was a stellar !SIDES :-TOSTADA CHIPS –
In house made corn tortilla chips, served with guacamole dip.
The guacamole dip was made with chopped avocados, onion, jalapenos and cucumber, it tasted absolutely delicious with tortillas !DESSERTS :-TRES LECHES –
Classic Latin American dessert made with sponge cake drenched in milk, condensed milk and cream.
Truly blissful, soft and creamy to the core !!
One can visit Latin mess just for this dessert !Overall, I had a pleasant experience.
Latin Mess is a sincere effort and needs a applause. Most of the ingredients used in the making are imported from their origin to maintain authenticity.
If one has a liking for Latin American food, Latin Mess will make you feel at home !