KOKO is a Asian Gastro pub located at Lower Parel, Mumbai.The asian cuisine gastro pub has a vast menu that comprises of soup, salad, dimsums, sushi, appetizers, mains and desserts.KoKo has recently come up with a new menu that has some spectacular dishes curated by ace Chef Michael Paul (London), Chef Joe (Thailand) and desserts are crafted by MasterChef Australia Ben Ungermann.So here is what I had from the newly introduced menu -COCKTAILS :-THE LEAF GAME –
Vodka based cocktail made with pineapple, saccharum, ginger, sandalwood and mint leaves.TOM YUM CUP –
Vodka based cocktail made with ganangal, lemongrass, bird eye chillies and kaffir lime.I enjoyed both the cocktails, the tom yum soup inspired cocktail was surely something new, I really loved the fresh lemongrass and chilli flavour coming through !SOUP :-IMPERIAL CHICKEN –
Soupy dumpling soup made with chicken dimsum submerged in soya broth.
The soup was served with a straw and it was a fun way to slurp it, it’s broth was made using kikkoman soya sauce, that made it a tad salty !SALADS :-SOM TUM –
Thai raw papaya salad made with bird eye chillies, peanuts, cherry tomatoes, lime and palm sugar. Garnished with rice crackers.
The raw papaya salad was refreshing, loved the addition of light soya sauce in the dressing, even the crispy rice crackers was a fun addition !SUSHI :-SOFT SHELL CRAB MAKI –
Vinegared rice rolled with nori and soft shell crab tempura, served on a bed of korean chilli sauce with gari on the side. Garnished with spring onions, melon seeds and avocados.
The sushi was quite different, I loved the accompanied chilli dip, it went really well with the crispy crabs.DIMSUMS :-– SMOKED CHEESE AND SCALLION– TRUFFLE WATERCHESNUT– PRAWN LEMONGRASS– COTTAGE CHEESE CHARCOALThese exceptional dimsums had a melt in your mouth texture, their wrapper was made rice and potato starch and they came with a variety of dips like chilli oil, smoked burnt garlic and imperial sauce.
These accompaniments were also made inhouse and they made the dimsum experience memorable !APPETIZERS :-HAMACHI CEVICHE –
A cold platter of passion fruit and aji amarillo chilli cured himachi fish garnished with onions, cherry tomatoes and coriander.
Absolutely delicious, the fish was cured to perfection, it had a nice sweet and sour flavour !MAINS :-SHEMEJI MUSHROOM –
Japanese shemeji mushrooms tossed with asparagus and waterchesnut, seasoned in a indonesian sambal garlic sauce.
Simply amazing, I think it was the best selection of veggies, even the sauce was mild and not overly punchy, loved it !TRUFFLE FRIED RICE –
Stir fried rice made with scallops, eggs and scallions. Drizzled with truffle oil.
The aroma of truffle oil in the fried rice was heavenly, scallops with the mild seasoning of white pepper uplifted the flavour even more !DESSERTS :-THE LAMINGTON –
Australian sponge cake layered with vanilla, garnished with coconut flakes and edible flowers, served with coconut ice cream and raspberry coulis.
The dessert was served with the jazz of dry ice smoke, the cake was really moist, loved the pairing of coconut ice cream.Overall, I had a great time !
Each and every dish at KoKo is phenomenal !
High quality ingredients & Skilled cooking techniques food = Insanely delicious Food !!
Even the service is courteous and helpful.Go try indulge – All over Again !