Khow Chow is a Pan Asian restaurant located at Bandra, Mumbai.The cute cosy diner specialises in cuisine from the far east, its elaborate menu is a mix of soup, salads, dimsums, appetizers, mains and desserts.Khow Chow also offers asian sizzlers and meal for one bento boxes.So here is what I had -EXOTIC TEA :-STRAWBERRY AND CREAM –
Sri lankan uva valley black tea with mild notes of strawberries, camomile and chocolate.
Extremely smooth and comforting, loved it !SOUP :-CRAB ASPARAGUS –
Thick seafood broth infused soup made with crab meat, asparagus, mushroom, spring onions and coriander.CANH CHUA –
Seafood broth soup made with prawns, fish, tomato, pineapple, sprouts and thai herbs.Both the soup were absolutely delicious, I loved the canh chua soup more due to its exceptional flavour coming from the amalgamation of dill and pineapple !SALADS :-YAM MAMUANG –
Raw green mango salad made with fried onions, coriander and bird eye chillies, dressed in a lime palm sugar dressing.
Super zesty salad, refreshing the the core !DIMSUMS :-– EDMAME TRUFFLE OIL
– CHICKEN BASILAll the four dimsums were extremely delicious, thin potato flour wrapper was used in the making, filling was generous and even the accompanied chilli oil and garlic dip was tantalizing.APPETIZERS :-STIR FRIED SOFT SHELL CRAB –
Soft shell crabs tossed with onions and bell peppers, seasoned with chilli garlic sauce.
Sweet spicy and garlicky, perfect way to have crabs !SQUID SALT AND PEPPER –
Calamari, bell peppers and onions tossed with garlic and black pepper.
A dry preparation, it was all about the freshness of the calamari !THAI GARLIC PRAWNS –
Prawns tossed with garlic, coconut milk and holy basil.
The Prawns were cooked to perfection, loved the mild thai holy basil lemongrass flavour !MAINS :-UDON NOODLES –
Stir fried japanese wheat noodles tossed with chicken, garlic, onion and bell peppers.
The udon noodles were seasoned with soya, garlic and chillies. They were extremely flavourful on its own hence did not require any gravy to go along.DESSERTS :-TAB TIM KROB –
Thai pandan leaf flavoured waterchesnut served with coconut cream.
Absolutely delicious, the mild flavour of pandan leaves with chilled coconut milk cream tasted divine ! Must try !Overall, Khao Chow is a must visit place for all Pan Asian food lovers !
Their food is made to suit the indian palate, it’s bold punchy and explodes with flavour !Go try indulge !!