Dishkiyoon is a all day restaurant and bar located at BKC, Mumbai.

The well lit restaurant is airy and spacious, it specialises in fusion indian food where global classics are given an indian twist.

The restaurant has recently started a special breakfast menu that’s available on all days between 8am to 12pm.

So here is what I had for breakfast –

Yogurt based smoothie made with berry compote.
An healthy way to start your meal, I loved the consistency and flavour.

Crispy fried puri served with yellow chana dal.
It’s a sindhi breakfast staple, homely and filling. Loved the moist yet crispy texture of the pakwan.

Whole wheat paratha stuffed minced cauliflower and onions, nicely seasoned with indian spices and served with curd and pickle.
The paratha was delicious, loved the dollop of sour cream on top.

Toasted bread cut into round shape, topped with sliced avocados and poached egg.
The avocado toast was nice, it even had guacamole, that added another layer of flavour.

Croissant stuffed with arugula leaves, grilled chicken, basil pesto, tomatoes, cheese and balsamic vinaigrette reduction.
The sandwich was filling, it had a generous portion of chicken breast, pesto and cheese made it delicious.

American staple breakfast, pancakes topped with maple syrup and whipped cream.
It’s was sweet ending to a scrumptious breakfast meal !

Overall, Dishkiyoon offers some amazing breakfast at extremely competitive prices.
All their breakfast staples are prices under rupees two hundred.
The best part about the breakfast is the contrasting options, it covers breakfast staples from all the regions.
Be it gujarati, sindhi, punjabi, maharashtrian or continental, Dishkiyoon has it all !!