The Game is a indoor amusement and gaming center located at Atria Mall, Mumbai.


aving spread over 18000sq feet, The entertainment center offers host of premium games like bungee soccer, indoor cricket, gyro, air walk, curling, bowling, video game with stimulators, soft play zone and over sized version of mobile games like candy crush, snakes etc.

The gaming zone also has a cafe that offers comfort food along with some healthy options.

To get access to all the games, One has to purchase a prepaid card priced at rupees two thousand and then swipe it at the desired game he wishes to play.

In terms of games, i specially liked Gyro which is a thrilling three sixty degree spin ride, it was similar to a roller coaster like feeling.

Magic lane bowling with 3d projection was also fun, one gets ten chances of two tries each.

Curling was also something new, it’s an interpretation of an olympic sport, it involves gliding rocks to a particular target ring.

Bungee soccer can also be tried if you are in a group, it involves playing soccer tied to elastic ropes.

In terms of food, here is what I had –

Milk shake made with rose syrup and loads of dry fruits. Garnished with rose petals.
A good option if you are looking for something relatively healthy, I love dry fruits and the combination of rose syrup was apt.

Tempura batter fried onion rings sprinkled with malgapodi powder and bor chillies.
Served with chilli tomato chutney.
The idea of giving a classic onion rings a southern twist was nice, I specially liked the spicy tangy dip made with tomato, chillies, coconut and tamarind pulp.
I would have loved it even more if the onion rings were more crispy.

A middle eastern platter with three kinds of hummus, pita bread, lavash, falafel, pickled vegetables, potato wedges and fattoush salad.
The portion size was huge, it’s easily sharable between three to four persons.
I loved the sun dried tomato infused hummus alot, even the falafel was perfect.
The crumb coated potato wedges was something new and comforting.
The platter has a mix of healthy and non healthy comfort food so a group can enjoy.

Overall, I had a good time.
The game offers a great selection of entertaining games combined with reasonably priced finger food to along…..
Service was quick and helpful.