Arth is modern indian cuisine restaurant located at Khar, Mumbai.

Beautifully done up, Arth has a chic decor and a mesmerising ambiance.

The decor is done by none other than Gauri Khan.

Coming to the food, Arth’s menu has been curated by national award winner, ace chef Amninder Sandhu.

Here at Arth, Ms Sandhu has focused on curating ‘contemporary’ indian delicacies using ‘traditional’ methods and ingredients.

The gas free open kitchen dishes out a interesting choice of appetizers, mains and desserts.

They also have an option of thali, it’s called the Arth Thaal.

It’s available in vegetarian and non vegetarian option.

Arth also has a elaborate bar that offers a variety of Indian important spirits, their signature cocktails have been made using indian herbs.

So here is what I had –


Vodka based cocktail made with argyle tea/orange zest/indian spices and bitters.
Well balanced, not too much on the sweeter side, orange zest held up it’s flavour.


Soft shell crab coated with rice flour, deep fried to perfection, served on a bed of chilli garlic chutney.
Tempered with ginger, curry leaf and red chillies.
Absolutely delicious, the crab had a crispy outer but the crab meat was soft and tender.
Tasted delicious with the accompanying dip.

Prawns marinated with sugarcane reduction, grilled to perfection, topped with tamarind chutney.
Served over a bed of maharashtrian green chilli thecha.
Wow !! These prawns had a melody of flavours, there was spiciness of thecha, sourness of tamarind and sweetness of sugarcane….Loved it !!

Chicken chunks marinated with cream and cheese, grilled to perfection.
Topped with egg white meringue and garnished with black truffles.
The elevation given to a typical malai tikka was fabulous, the aroma of truffles really made all the difference !


Lotus stem cooked with fenugreek, coriander, garlic and indian spices.
Garnished with crispy lotus stems.
Served with jowar roti.
The out of the box thinking of cooking lotus stem with fenugreek and garlic really worked, tasted absolutely delicious.
Even the jowar roti was made with onions and ajwain was fantastic.

Tandoori chicken simmered in a tomato cream gravy, flavoured with fenugreek leaves and kashmiri red chillies.
Served with butter naan.
The butter chicken was not at all sweet, the indian spice flavour was intact inspite of it being rich and creamy. Loved it !!


Ultra thin rice sheets rolls, stuffed with ghee and dry fruits. Topped with rabdi and garnished with desiccated coconut.

Pistachio flavoured kulfi served on a bed of falooda, topped with rabdi and roasted almonds. Drizelled with rose syrup and garnished with rose petals.

Both the desserts were delicious but i highly recommend the kulfi as it’s garnished and presented in way that gives you a feeling of nostalgia !

Overall, I had a amazing time.
The food at arth is extremely delicious, the depth in flavour is phenomenal.
Though indian food tends to be rich and greasy but Arth’s food was surprisingly light easy on the palate. One does not get that heavy feeling !

Go try indulge 🙂