100% Natural | Gluten Free | Handcrafted


In a chaotic city like Mumbai where we are always on the run, health and healthy food is often neglected.

There are lot of options for food on the go but they are mostly unhealthy.

Everybody has their own facts and myths about what’s healthy and what’s not, but oats in general is considered as the best healthy quick fix.

Plain oats basiclly tastes like cardboard when you have them with milk.
So a fancy-tastier way to have them is in the form of granola or muesli.

But here the packaged food industry changes the healthy oats to unhealthy by adding sugar, flavouring agents and preservatives, just to make them palatable.


I recently came across Granola Chunks by Sustenance Foods.


This home grown company makes granola in small batches.

These 100% Natural handcrafted granolas are made using pure oats, that means they’re gluten free.


Mostly all commercial brand oats are not gluten free because they are mass produced in factories where other grains are also processed.

There are no preservatives or artificial flavours added to make them delicious, these granolas are naturally flavoured using nuts, seeds and honey.

Yes, these are slow roasted in honey to give them a nice crunch and texture.

Pure olive oil is used in the procedure.

A dash of sea salt is also added to give these granolas a contrast in flavour.


They are available in three options :-


A combination of honey roasted oats, cranberries, pistachio, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon and sea salt.


A combination of honey roasted oats, walnuts, figs, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon and sea salt.


A combination of honey roasted oats, hazelnuts, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and sea salt.

These granolas can be had straight out of the jar as a snack or you can even pair it with chilled milk.

On the adventurous side, you can sprinkle them and add a crunchy texture to your salad or make your ice cream even more sinful.

An average serving of 50 gram granolas has approximately 250 calories.

If you compare it with plain oats, it’s just an extra 50 calories, that’s completely justified with the amount of nuts and seeds present in the granolas.

I personally like to pair the granolas with plain milk as it becomes a fulfilling meal for me.

It’s wholesome yet delicious !

I love their sweet salty crunchy texture, generous amount of seeds and nuts make them seriously appetizing !

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